Friday, 27 August 2010

A Single Man

Editorials and runway aside, nothing inspires me more than a film.  Seeing an actor decked out in costume, fully playing the part makes more of a lasting impression on me than a beautifully styled editorial. 

Forget the fiftees revival, if there was a decade I could have experienced it would have been the sixties (civil rights movement, Vietnam war and arms race aside of course!).  Audrey Hepburn, heavy eyeliner, Twiggy, Bob Fosse - what's not to love?

A Single Man is probably the most beautiful film I have ever seen. Not only is it absolutely breathtaking to watch, the colours, clothes and scenery, but the emotion and plot is beautifully heartbreaking.  If every one of Tom Ford's movies look and feel like this, then he'll have a fantastic career ahead of him.


  1. stunning makeup & big hair. loveeee.


  2. i agree! most beautiful styling i've seen in a long the 60s!!