Monday, 30 August 2010

Emmy Awards

I wasn't going to stay up a watch it - living in the UK I don't actually know how to watch it, but last night it got to midnight and I thought, I'll just check E and there the red carpet arrivals were.  A few hours later, I was getting absolutely horrified and distressed that Lost was getting no love (seriously, last season was EPIC they should have given a courtesy award!) and I've never even heard of Modern Family, so that was a severe disappointment. 

But this is a fashion blog, so enough with the tv talk.  There were a few good looks last night, a lot of alright ones and then some awful - Naya Rivera's hair, The Hills girls' very presence, to name a few.  Here are my favourites.

Nina Dobrev

One, it helps to be absolutely gorgeous, which Nina is.  You can't go wrong if you look like that.  Most of the red carpet looks were pretty bland, a lot of black and white, all fairly boring.  Nina's isn't the most interesting frock but it looks great on her, fits her body perfectly and the make-up hair and accessories compliment it beautifully.  This is where I think a lot of other women fell down, I loved Lea Michele's dress but hated her hair, loved Dianna Agron's make-up and hair but didn't like the dress.  Nina's is a perfect coming together.

Rose Byrne

There were a few Grecian inspired dresses last night but Rose did it the best, the gold paneling, the detail at the chest and light material looked perfect.  Hair could have used a bit of a brush through, but overall, wonderful.

Anna Paquin

Lets start from the head down: hair, good.  Face, good. Shoulders, amazing.  Yes it is a black dress but it is so much more than a black dress.  Anna looks divine in Alexander McQueen and I can imagine there will be a few people who don't like it but I think it suits her perfectly.  Much better and more interesting than a lot of the dresses on the red carpet last night.

January Jones

A controversial choice maybe, I can imagine a lot of the magazines will be hating on this look for a while.  But January kills it in Versace.  The colour is amazing - it brings out the colour of her eyes.  One of the reasons why it's my favourite is because it's different.  It's bold, it's exciting and I think if someone else had been wearing it (Kim K for example), it would have been a disaster.  Besides, if you can't wear this dress on the red carpet then where can you wear it?   Even if she didn't win, January was definetely the belle of the ball.

Other worthy mentions were Christina Hendricks (those girls were out last night!), Clare Danes, Tina Fey and Emily Blunt. 

What were you favourites?  Your least favourites? And never mind the fashion, who do you think should have won?


  1. anna paquin is screaming egyptian queen. love it.