Sunday, 8 August 2010

In Vogue

I know I've done a few posts on the new woman, the new silhouette of the classic hourglass figure but it's something that hugely appeals to me.  My style is not so womanly, I wear dresses and skirts most of the time but with big prints, boots, brogues and leather jackets with a lot of black.  The idea of a corseted waist and full skirt is exciting purely because it is different.  Having just graduated from university where fancy dress nights were the norm, I'm hugely excited about anything that takes me out of my uniform of boyish dressing, and this season's Mad Men theme is a great excuse to dress up.  I promise I'll stop posting about this look, for at least a week.  Maybe.

(Vogue Austrailia and Vogue UK, both from Fashion Gone Rogue)


  1. I love this new trend too! It is definitely one to have a go with this Autumn, could also be a great way to introduce a bit of excitement into an all-black wardrobe!

  2. I love not only the full skirt tight bodice look...but her makeup as well. Keep's gorgeous! I just found the most perfect retro 50's black dress w/ full skirt & fuschia tulle underneath. Now to find somewhere to wear it!

  3. everything in this is amazing! especially the hair and makeup!