Wednesday, 29 December 2010

Colour Me Bright


I've really loved this past season, especially the gorgeous Mad Men feel and Isabel Marant still inspires me.  Yet as 2011 edges ever closer, I can't wait to see the Spring Summer collections in editorials and on the red carpet.  Bring on the new year!

Monday, 27 December 2010


Afternoon all.  I did think I would post before Christmas but evidently I had no time.  I hope everyone had a wonderful day, that you've eaten lots, drunk a bit and watched all those unbearably cheesy but imcomprehensibly wonderful Christmas specials.

New Year's Eve is coming up, the supposed best night of the year.  I've decided not to buy a new dress this year, as I have far too many and don't utilise my closet well enough.  Instead, I've decided to purchase some fake eyelashes and try those out.  Anybody got any handy tips regarding fake eyelashes?  Considering I wear contacts, does that affect it in anyway?

New Year's I tend to go all out, paint my nails, curl my hair, add a little sparkle to my eyes.  I find make-up hard because I tend to go for a subtle cat eye, a little blush and vaseline, too much eyeshadow and red lipstick I feel like a drag queen.  Fake eyelashes are a big step for me!  Here's some of the looks I'll be emulating this Eve. 


I'm aware I didn't do my usual inspiration post on Sunday, I shall resume that next week, apologies!

Edit/ apparently this is my 100th post.  I feel I should mark it in some way by being incredibly soppy so stop reading now if you're afraid of sentiment.  Thank you to everybody who stops by this blog, who returns, comments and is inspired by what I post.  I do put quite a bit of effort into this blog and wish I could be one of those who post every day, but unfortunately there are only 24 hours a day.  I really hope the next 100 posts will be as fun as the last have!

Monday, 20 December 2010

Best Dressed 2010

I believe I have mentioned before my adoration for lists.  December is a great time for a list lover, as every critic has run out of inspiration for articles/blog posts etc. and decides to create a list of the best films/music/clothes of the year.  My personal haven. 

While I love lists, I cannot possibly create a list with a rank order.  My inability to do this is apparent if you ask me what my favourite Disney film is, to which I'll reply: Lion King, also Mulan, Aladdin!  All of them!  SHREK.  (Yes I'm aware that's not a Disney film).

Best Dressed
I chose these lovely women because they get it always get it right both on and off the red carpet and inspire my wardrobe choices every day.

Casual Queens
Taylor Tomasi and Kate Bosworth dress how I would like to dress on a weekend.  They both look stunning in minimal make-up, jeans and well chosen pieces, like Taylor's sunglasses or Kate's shoes.  Kate's red carpet looks are always on the money, mixing elegance with youthfulness, whilst Taylor has given me so much interview and work outfit inspiration. 

Short Rules
Leighton and Jessica repeatedly look amazing on the red carpet.  Leighton is clearly the more daring of the two, having far more misses than Jessica, but both are partial to a great cocktail dress like Versus or Antonio Berardi.  Jessica's causal style is far more relaxed, but with a small child it's no surprise and I don't blame her for it.  Leighton often looks great off the red carpet, her style a far cry from uptight Blair!

Teen Icons
To say that these two girls haven't had one of the best years of their career would be a lie.  Carey's spectacular performance in An Education earned her a Bafta and Oscar nom, while Emma finally graduated from the role of Hermione, cut off her hair and emerged as a true player in the fashion world with relationships with Burberry, People Tree and Alberta Ferreti.  What I like about these two ladies, 25 and 20 respectively, is that they're acres away from the Miley's and Lindsay's of Hollywood.  Their style, Carey ladylike and demure, Emma quietly sexy, is age appropriate and not try hard.  I doubt you'll see these girls orange with spray tan and flaunting their cleavage!  (Take note Blake!)

The Risk Taker
Every morning, if I feel slightly lacking inspiration and find myself reaching for my fail safe skinny jeans, I think of Anna Dello Russo.  Yes, she might look absolutely mental, but it's fashion dahling.  She's clearly not afraid of what people think or what people might write about her and her attitude is admirable.  Will I be wearing a giant cherry on my head?  I doubt it, but Anna teaches me it's ok if I want to.

Honourable mentions

Nicola Roberts may be completely unknown to non-British readers; famous for a reality show manufactured girl group, said girl group are taking a "break" at the moment to pursue other projects.  While her bandmate Cheryl Cole dominates the headlines in Britain in the gossip, fashion and music stakes, Nicola is the one with style.  Her pale skin and daring choices make her exciting and different; with rumours of a solo career in the works here's hoping Nicola will do well next year.

Natalie Portman looked incredible in this Rodarte dress.  The cut, the colour, the hair all looked incredible.  While the Black Swan tour hasn't managed to deliever knock-out mentions like this one, I don't doubt she won't hold back for awards season.

It seems unfair to rank Abbey Lee Kershaw with the group of actresses/singers when Abbey is hired to look good for a living.  She has the beauty, height and body for clothes to hang right on her, but even so, nothing could stop me from fawning over this look at Fashion Week. 

Well, who could forget Zoe Saldana in this dress?  I know it's not for everyone, but she won the Oscars fashion awards hands down for me.  One of the best looks this year.

Alexa Chung always looks beautiful on the red carpet, but 2010 has not been her year.  She exploded into America in 2009 with a sense of style that was a breath of fresh air.  In 2010, although she still looks gorgeous, her style has gotten rather stale and her endless mixes of babydoll dresses, shorts and flats aren't impressing anymore.  Here's hoping she mixes it up next year!

I don't even remember what movie she was promoting, but I can't forget the great looks Drew Barrymore pulled out over that press tour.  I never pegged Drew to be quite so daring, but I'm glad she proved me wrong.

Although I know she was recently named the most beautiful woman in the world, I'm not too sure what Camilla Belle does for a living.  Apparently she's an actress, but in truth she seems to be around to decorate the red carpet.  And she does do it well.  This Carolina Herrera dress shows off her obvious beauty and she always looks well polished on the red carpet.

Oh Blake Lively.  Honestly, I find it hard to like her as most of her outfits ring desperate.  Cleavage + short skirt = pictures in the paper = campaign with Chanel.  She doesn't strike me as the face of Chanel - Clemence Posey would have been far better in my opinion - but it's not hard to understand why people like the long legged, blonde haired actress.  Having said all that, if she were to wear this Chanel Couture dress every day for the next year, I will adore her.  Perfect length, colour and neckline, it's sexy without being trashy.  Remember this Blake!

Finally, Anne Hathaway.  She's not a risk taker like Diane, she's not incredibly sexy like Scarlett or chic like Chloe Sevigny, but her choices on the red carpet are always a hit and suit her girl-next-door persona very well.  Every actress puts out this aura that they're the sweetest/funniest person on earth and with Anne I actually believe her.  I reckon she'll be a right laugh to hang out with and this friendliness seems to translate into her fashion.  Can't wait to see what she wears for the Oscars!

I'm sure many of you don't agree with my assessment, so sound off in the comments!  Who are your favourites this year, and why?

Sunday, 19 December 2010

The Week Ahead


Saturday, 18 December 2010

My Year


The year for me included music by Florence + the Machine, Mumford and Sons, Tinie Tempah; films Harry Potter, Inception, Kick Ass, Toy Story 3; on the small screen Misfits, This Is England; fixated by the beauty of Lara Stone; saddened by the death of Alexander McQueen; incensed over the raise of tuition fees; inspired by Celine, Prada, Burberry; lusting after Lanvin for H&M.

How do you define 2010?

Thursday, 16 December 2010

A Chance of Pace


My sense of style tends to lead naturally towards the dark, a lot of black, high heeled boots, silver jewellery and leather.  But there are days when I feel like dressing head to toe in pink, just to feel a little girly again. This editorial will give me great inspiration for those days when I feel black and studs are a bit too hard for the gloomy days.

Sunday, 12 December 2010