Monday, 27 December 2010


Afternoon all.  I did think I would post before Christmas but evidently I had no time.  I hope everyone had a wonderful day, that you've eaten lots, drunk a bit and watched all those unbearably cheesy but imcomprehensibly wonderful Christmas specials.

New Year's Eve is coming up, the supposed best night of the year.  I've decided not to buy a new dress this year, as I have far too many and don't utilise my closet well enough.  Instead, I've decided to purchase some fake eyelashes and try those out.  Anybody got any handy tips regarding fake eyelashes?  Considering I wear contacts, does that affect it in anyway?

New Year's I tend to go all out, paint my nails, curl my hair, add a little sparkle to my eyes.  I find make-up hard because I tend to go for a subtle cat eye, a little blush and vaseline, too much eyeshadow and red lipstick I feel like a drag queen.  Fake eyelashes are a big step for me!  Here's some of the looks I'll be emulating this Eve. 


I'm aware I didn't do my usual inspiration post on Sunday, I shall resume that next week, apologies!

Edit/ apparently this is my 100th post.  I feel I should mark it in some way by being incredibly soppy so stop reading now if you're afraid of sentiment.  Thank you to everybody who stops by this blog, who returns, comments and is inspired by what I post.  I do put quite a bit of effort into this blog and wish I could be one of those who post every day, but unfortunately there are only 24 hours a day.  I really hope the next 100 posts will be as fun as the last have!


  1. wooow
    the last girl is SO beautiful <3

  2. congrats on your 100th post! love sienna miller

  3. amazing shots, love the way you set up each post.


  4. The pics are really inspiring...very good ideas, simple but sexy ;)Filipa

  5. I have quite the same problem, I can't bear too dark makeup on my eyelids and I can't stand lipsticks on me, but I put on blush, sparkles and a lot of black mascara... Actually I was about to celebrate the new year in London, which means a big event, but I just did it to a friend's in my local city so I didn't even use the fake eyelashes I had bought for the occasion, and I still don't know how to put them on lol :) I wish it had been the greatest party of the year for me...
    I really love the photos of this post !

    About Asos and e-shopping, I do spend a long time checking the photos before ordering, and yes sometimes I'm disappointed, but most of the time it's a good value for money ^^

    Thanks for visiting my blog ! xxx

  6. ar I love Cheryl.

    Helen, X

  7. congrats on 100, im only at 43, long way to go....
    sienna miller is such a beautiufl person to emulate and whiteny too. hope you had a good new years. Happy New Year!