Friday, 30 July 2010

Harley Viera Newton

Another one of those it-girls who doesn't really seem to do anything besides party at festivals, fashion shows and parties.  But honestly, who cares what these girls, Harley, Alexa Chung etc. do, aren't we really just jealous that they don't have to work, party and jet set across the world and get to wear Christopher Kane while doing it?  The green-eyed monster rears its ugly head, yet late enough to appreciate her sense of style - cute dresses and long hair are a win for me - and carefree attitude (which I'm sure I would have if I had her lifestyle!).


Grease 2/Isabel Marant

This probably won't be the last time I'll talk about Fall 2010 Isabel Marant collection as I absolutely adore it, but this very may well be the last time I'll talk about it connection with the box office bomb, Grease 2.

If you haven't seen Grease 2, you are really missing out.  While Sandy from Grease was cute and innocent, Stephanie, played by a young Michelle Pfeiffer was gutsy, cool, rebellious and sexy.  With tight black trousers, a thick fringe, red lips and sunglasses she was the essence of cool.  The cheesy songs in Grease 2 are also worth a look - the energetic number 'Reproduction' set during Biology class is laughably bad - and the overtop characters and appalling script somehow manage to make an entertaining two hours, if for all the wrong reasons

When I look at Isabel Marant's collection I am reminded of Stephanie's effortless cool, I can't wait to get my hands on cropped trousers, a thick jumper and do cat eye make-up.

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Sunday, 25 July 2010

Paris Vogue, August

Two of my favourite models feature in Paris Vogue's 60+ page editorial spread.  Love.


Thursday, 22 July 2010

Jessica Hart

Tall, blond, Austrailian and gap-toothed, readers will be forgiven for thinking I'm talking about Abbey Lee Kershaw.  Instead, it's Jessica Hart, a little known model from Austrailia that I'm obssessing about this week.  With a uniform of trilbys, pretty dresses teamed with Docs, leather and Converses its a style seen so often on the fashion circuit.  But it's her undeniable beauty, her clothing line - named Neon Hart - and effortless model-chic that Alexa Chung et al seem to aspire to that's caught my eye.  I'm loving her tie-dye dress adorned with silver accessories, and the shirt buttoned up to the neck, short floaty black skirt and briefcase that is perfect for a casual work day.  Those sunglasses are ideal, also.

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