Thursday, 22 July 2010

Jessica Hart

Tall, blond, Austrailian and gap-toothed, readers will be forgiven for thinking I'm talking about Abbey Lee Kershaw.  Instead, it's Jessica Hart, a little known model from Austrailia that I'm obssessing about this week.  With a uniform of trilbys, pretty dresses teamed with Docs, leather and Converses its a style seen so often on the fashion circuit.  But it's her undeniable beauty, her clothing line - named Neon Hart - and effortless model-chic that Alexa Chung et al seem to aspire to that's caught my eye.  I'm loving her tie-dye dress adorned with silver accessories, and the shirt buttoned up to the neck, short floaty black skirt and briefcase that is perfect for a casual work day.  Those sunglasses are ideal, also.

(tfs, knightcat)

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