Monday, 29 November 2010

Feel the Cold

(Velvet magazine, tfs)

I cannot explain to you how cold I am right now.  This is just surreal, I'm in bed under the covers, wearing all the clothes I own and I'm still cold.  Granted, London doesn't have snow like the rest of the country but this morning, my car wouldn't start.  So I walked and lost all feeling in my fingers and toes.  I need to buy gloves.

Sunday, 28 November 2010

The Week Ahead


Saturday, 27 November 2010

Contributor Magazine


I'll be honest, I'm still hungover from last night so today's post shall be short and sweet.  I'm looking forward to a night on the couch with a cup of tea and the X Factor, cursing myself as I remember the age old wise tale - a bottle of wine mixed with spirits does not make for a happy Bex.

It seems from your comments that I'm not the only one that has difficulties buying coats, or trousers or tops or anything else for that matter. Glad to see I'm not the only one!

I hope those who celebrate had a brilliant Thanksgiving and are well and truly stuffed.  For everybody else, happy weekend!

Tuesday, 23 November 2010

Time to Wrap Up


The hardest thing for me to buy are coats.  I don't know why, maybe because it's the price tag as they are more expensive then your shoes, dresses, skirts.  Maybe it's the knowledge that this coat will be with me almost every day, will have to go perfectly with every thing I own, shoes, bags, everything.  But it's not like I can't not buy a coat.  I live in England.  I need a coat. 

I bought a coat, years ago from French Connection.  It was long, black and made me look like Neo from the Matrix.  The  Matrix films were out at the time (yes, it was a long time ago) and this look wasn't a bad thing.  Then I realised, being a generous 5"1, I cannot own a big, black, oversized coat that ends mid-calf. 

So I moved on to leather jackets.  Leather jackets seem to be a lot easier for me to buy, I have three.  But they weren't a coat.  I had to wear scarves, gloves, cardigans, maybe a jumper under the leather jacket.  Not practical.

And then last year, spurred on by Alexa Chung's duffel coat, I bought a beautiful pink duffel from Topshop.  Ending just below my butt with a generous hood, I relished in the perfect coat.  Until I realised when I'm wearing red, pink, orange or anything bright, a beautiful pink duffel coat is not a beautiful pink duffel coat.  It's a beacon of pink, bright pink that renders most of my wardrobe useless.

So, I have an issue with coats.  I can try them on in shops, lust after them on the internet, but can I actually walk up to a cashier and hand over my card - no.   I marvel after girls who have a coat for every day of the week, for every occasion.  I want a military inspired coat, a grown up Stella McCartney coat, a cape, a trench.  I want, badly.  But will I buy?  No.

I have issues.


Are there any garments that you have difficulty buying?  Or am I the only one?

Monday, 22 November 2010

Sleek Magazine

I absolutely adore this editorial and for the most part I have no idea why.  It's refreshing to see an editorial that is part fashion, part art, that doesn't rely on repetitive or predictable styling.  Some of the whiteness in the photographs almost remind me of an uber fashionable Narnia.  I love the use of plastic in the styling, it looks amazing!  It helps that the model is also gorgeous!  Am I the only one?


Also, some of you guessed right, those amazing Nicholas Kirkwood shoes I posted in the previous post was worn by the estimable SJP at the Harry Potter premiere last week. 

Additionally, hello to my new readers, I've noticed a little jump in followers over the weekend and I would just like to say thanks for reading!  

Sunday, 21 November 2010

The Week Ahead


Apologies for the utter onslaught of images this week, I was trying to cut down the amount but I really couldn't prune anything away!  Let me know if it's a problem loading and I'll be brutal!

Pretty In Pink


Sometimes I get frustrated by the lack of ingenuity the average pedestrians have when dressing for winter.  When I have a lack of inspiration, I turn to a host of cosy jumpers for an easy outfit, but none of them are black are grey.  Instead they are cobalt blue, blood red or pastel pink.  Why must people insist on dressing for winter as if the world is coming to an end; I understand the dark, cold weather does make it feel as if we'll never feel the warmth of sunlight on our face ever again but there's no need to dress for it's funeral!

I love these pictures because they all give a different yet equally great idea of how to dress in winter.  Aqua coloured nails, thigh high grey socks paired with red lips, pink gloss, a thick pink jumper or a pleated dress.  Now there's no excuse for black!

Little Black Dresses