Sunday, 14 November 2010

Winter Dressing

Making a debut on this blog is a moodboard.  Lately I've been a little low on the inspiration front, which impacts on what I wear and this blog, so hopefully this can kickstart it a little.  Although I was terribly excited for winter dressing ( I get bored of the summer) England has been very cold recently and weather like that doesn't inspire me to get out bed the morning let alone put a decent outfit on.  But more on that in another post.

Images from: tfs, intriguemenow, jakandjill,, stockholmstreetstyle,, studdedhearts, altimira nyc, knightcat.

Putting this moodboard together was also welcome distraction from the UTTER ATROCITY of tonight's X Factor.  Sorry for the caps but it was necessary.  Any UK viewers as distressed as I am that Katie Weasel is still in and Aiden, one of the best talents, is now out.  I would vow to never watch it again but I can't tear my eyes away from the trainwreck.


  1. love that big knit in the corner... (:


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