Sunday, 21 November 2010

Pretty In Pink


Sometimes I get frustrated by the lack of ingenuity the average pedestrians have when dressing for winter.  When I have a lack of inspiration, I turn to a host of cosy jumpers for an easy outfit, but none of them are black are grey.  Instead they are cobalt blue, blood red or pastel pink.  Why must people insist on dressing for winter as if the world is coming to an end; I understand the dark, cold weather does make it feel as if we'll never feel the warmth of sunlight on our face ever again but there's no need to dress for it's funeral!

I love these pictures because they all give a different yet equally great idea of how to dress in winter.  Aqua coloured nails, thigh high grey socks paired with red lips, pink gloss, a thick pink jumper or a pleated dress.  Now there's no excuse for black!


  1. wow, i love these photos, especially the first one! makes me wish it was valentines day.

  2. Thank you for your comment. I totally agree with you, colour always cheers me up when it's cold and dark outside, lovely pictures x

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  3. Yes! Totally agree with you!! I personally find it incredibly hard to dress outside of my black-white-grey palette, so this post is very inspirational! Awesome post!
    Also, LOVING the Nicholas Kirkwood heels in the post above!

  4. love the 2nd pic!!

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