Tuesday, 23 November 2010

Time to Wrap Up


The hardest thing for me to buy are coats.  I don't know why, maybe because it's the price tag as they are more expensive then your shoes, dresses, skirts.  Maybe it's the knowledge that this coat will be with me almost every day, will have to go perfectly with every thing I own, shoes, bags, everything.  But it's not like I can't not buy a coat.  I live in England.  I need a coat. 

I bought a coat, years ago from French Connection.  It was long, black and made me look like Neo from the Matrix.  The  Matrix films were out at the time (yes, it was a long time ago) and this look wasn't a bad thing.  Then I realised, being a generous 5"1, I cannot own a big, black, oversized coat that ends mid-calf. 

So I moved on to leather jackets.  Leather jackets seem to be a lot easier for me to buy, I have three.  But they weren't a coat.  I had to wear scarves, gloves, cardigans, maybe a jumper under the leather jacket.  Not practical.

And then last year, spurred on by Alexa Chung's duffel coat, I bought a beautiful pink duffel from Topshop.  Ending just below my butt with a generous hood, I relished in the perfect coat.  Until I realised when I'm wearing red, pink, orange or anything bright, a beautiful pink duffel coat is not a beautiful pink duffel coat.  It's a beacon of pink, bright pink that renders most of my wardrobe useless.

So, I have an issue with coats.  I can try them on in shops, lust after them on the internet, but can I actually walk up to a cashier and hand over my card - no.   I marvel after girls who have a coat for every day of the week, for every occasion.  I want a military inspired coat, a grown up Stella McCartney coat, a cape, a trench.  I want, badly.  But will I buy?  No.

I have issues.


Are there any garments that you have difficulty buying?  Or am I the only one?


  1. I know what you mean, I have issues with trousers and jeans. They never quite fit right, they are never the right length and I also have to buy ones that fit my hips and have them taken in at the waist! I have very few but at least they aren't something you have to wear everyday in winter like a coat, good luck with your search x

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  2. I have to say bathing suits and jeans are my hardest thing to buy. Coats are just expensive for the most part! haha love your blog :)

  3. I wish I could pull of long jackets, but because I'm so short, I end up looking even shorter. So yes, I too have issues. You are not alone my friend!
    Love & Labels

  4. I have the same problem with coats!!! gahhh! But I love the Topshop coat on the right and the Stella McCartney coat! I've been desiring a more menswear inspired coat this year. But I'm just a little shorter than yourself, and I don't think I can pull it off well :(

  5. Gorgeous picks!! I actually have a problem with leggings, and actually any legwear, as my thighs are quite muscular from my sporting activity. Anyway, I always buy gorgeous leggings and then realize, hmm, it would be better for me to wear a skirt in order to avoid comparisons to Serena Williams lol.
    Great post!

  6. coats are my difficult buy too, but because I can't pick just one and the weather in southern california won't allow for too much variety (i'd probably only get to wear them once) but i did post some of my favorites!

    "Why I Love Winter" @ www.ThePantryDrawer.com

  7. I've never bought a coat because I live in Hawaii and I think I would hate buying them because I don't like to wear anything heavy. Your description about looking like Neo makes me laugh! That's how I imagine myself to look if I wear a coat! xxoxoxoxoo

  8. coats are defintiely an issue for me as well. i mean, i live in socal, so for me "cold" is anything below 60 degrees. my biggest issue is pants, though. i'm fairly petite but i have hips....it's very hard to find pants for people with hips, a tiny waist, and skinny legs.

    my favorite is the white asos. SO CHIC. and it looks like it would go with everything!

    sincerely, M

  9. I understand completely! But my issue is simply spending money, I'm very frugal sometimes but luckily I've found some at thrift stores :)

  10. lovely post. i understand completely what you mean. my issue is that i'm not finding what i really want i always setle with something else :(

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  11. don't feel bad, we all have our issues! I happen to love coat but I hate to buy pants. so I stick into my dresses!

  12. I just generally have issues with spending more than 20 pounds in one go...seeing as my monthly allowance is 40 with little space in my 6th-form life for money-making opportunities!