Tuesday, 18 January 2011

The Golden Globes

Awards season seems to bring out the inner princess in most actresses, they put on a sparkly ballgown, a sleek updo and a nonchalant pout which can all become a little bit tired.  I do love a gown that is different, see Carey Mulligan in Vionnet at the Bafta's last year.  This year, fashion had a little moment with Versace, Burberry, Viktor and Rolf, Jil Sander amongst the usual boring suspects Armani and Marchesa.  The Golden Globes did not disappoint in the fashion stakes with Angelina suprising us in green and January looking, well, hot. 

Emma Stone

Although I almost didn't recognise her with her blonde hair Emma by far looked the best last night in a Calvin Klien minimalist gown.  From a relative newbie on the redcarpet she got top marks.

Olivia Wilde

It really helps to be beautiful (although the disastrous outfit Heidi Klum wore last night is proof against this) so I feel Olivia helped the outfit along a bit with her natural beauty.  Although I don't love the hair and this a perfect example of a princess ballgown I was talking about, Olivia looks breathtaking.

Leighton Meester

When I first saw this I wasn't sold on her Burberry Pre-Fall dress.  The original has a 3/4 length sleeve and I think that would have worked better, but Leighton is a breath of fresh air on a red carpet of sequins and tight waists.  The dress does look far better in motion.

Natalie Portman

Well, she could have worn a potato sack and people would have talked about her.  Winning a Golden Globe, expecting a baby and being newly engaged are all sure ways to get you into the press.  Although I don't love this Viktor and Rolf dress, it is very appropriate for her pregnancy and she looks glowing.  Not the best, but worth a mention.  I hope she does better come Oscar night.

Anne Hathaway

I cannot wait to see the Oscars if this is the standard of dress Anne will be wearing.  She truly looked stunning in this backless dress and the hair and make-up is flawless too.

Tilda Swinton

I doubt many people love this look.  I'm not even sure that I love this look.  I just adore Tilda Swinton and the risks she takes with fashion.  If anyone can pull off this look, it would be her.  To be fair, this picture does dull down the colours immensely, the colour of the pink shoe and champagne skirt are far richer on the telly.  In a sea of frilly, ruffle dresses embellished with crystals, Tilda is a welcome change.

January Jones

Well, we all knew she'd be wearing Versace.  But god damn.  This is hot.  I'm a fully heterosexual woman and I definetely would.  Y'know?  It very nearly crosses the line onto slutfest - like Halle's Nina Ricci dress - but it's the right kind of nearly slutty.  Can't wait to see her at the Emmys.

Claire Danes

Again, another example where minimalism works.  The colour - hot pink on tv - is gorgeous and suits her skin tone. The cuff on the arm and updo really works in the garments favour, perfectly understated but packign a big punch. Calvin Klein has another winner.

Angelina Jolie

I normally hate Angelina on the red carpet.  I can't get excited about black, or leather or black leather.  But Angie has done colour, a vibrant emerald colour at that, and the risk paid off.  More of the same please Angie!

Helena Bonham Carter


Grazia magazine is probably preparing a "what was she thinking?!" headline as we speak, but I have a soft spot for Helena.  I have a soft spot for anyone in the celebrity world who is not prepared to tone down the crazy and change their personality to suit their media.  I love that she's wearing different colour shoes.  I love that her hair looks like she hasn't brushed it since she was 17.  She's wearing sunglasses.  On the red carpet!  Say what you want, but the woman has her own identity, her own sense of style and she's not afraid to show it.  More power to her.

What were your highlights?  Is anyone else getting bloody fed up with Lea Michele's penchant for ruffle dresses?  And Ricky Gervais - he's still hilarious! 


  1. i totally agree about helena! she's just always so...her, that you can't really say anthing about and you pretty much have no choice but to accept the crazy! As for my fav I have to go with Anne. Rachel Zoe did good

  2. i agree with every single thing you said. you read my mind ahah :)


  3. Agree with literally this entire post. Love your blog!


  4. Haha, this post is hilarious, engaging and just all-around awesome! That's why you're one of my favourite bloggers. I totally agree with you, especially about January Jones. I totally would, too! Damn! :p


  5. Hello! I wanted you to know that your blog is really great and inspiring and I awarded you the Stylish Blogger Award. Kisses ***



  6. oh cool! I see we have 3 common picks: Emma, Claire and Anne! AND INDEED EMMA WAS THE BEST DRESSED

  7. I really liked Natalie's Viktor & Rolf dress actually. I thought it suited her.

    I also love Olivia Wilde's dress. It's so beautiful. Reminds me of the astronomy; which I love.

    Castle Fashion

  8. adore the golden globe review, quite amazing. im in love with olivia wilde's outfit. the gorgeous ball gown with the stringy hair, what a fabulous idea!



  9. totally agree, dear.

  10. P.S. I gave you the Stylish Blogger award :) check it out here: http://theblogofobsessivecoolness.blogspot.com/2011/01/blog-award-no-2-way-better-than-chanel.html

  11. love the different shoesss on her :') fantastic!!

  12. so many great dresses for this years golden globes. my favourites were sandra bullocks and carrie underwoods dresses. :)