Tuesday, 11 January 2011

The Long and Short of It

I have talked about my love for the maxi skirt this winter.  When I discussed it, I deemed it far too impractical in a climate of rain, sleet and snow.  Arriving to work with half the street attached to your skirt and drenched in rainwater is not tres chic.  But let's be honest, when has practicality got anything to do with fashion?  Perhaps I was trying to persuade myself out of it, knowing that only having a few quid in the bank would not accomodate any unnecessary expenditure.  Back then, I had hoped the maxi was a passing fad, a trend that I could lust after but be comforted in the knowledge that it wouldn't catch on.

Silly, silly me. 

This summer, it's all about the maxi skirt darling.  It's also about the maxi dress and the maxi trousers.  It's the only time when ordering something supersized doesn't come with a side of overweight and doesn't make Jamie Oliver cry.

More and more gorgeous maxi skirts are being added to Topshop, Asos et al and it's incredibly hard to ignore them when they promise to come in candy colours, soft chiffon, pleated, tight, printed, jersey - every option you could possibly want all at a reasonable price.  There's also the promise that if you find a maxi skirt not to your liking, shear off half of it and wear it to knee length.  Or shear off most of it and wear it as a mini.  Win win.

Perusing Vogue and Elle over the last few days, they have told me (or rather grabbed my neck through the pages and threatened) that if I don't wear this new length I won't fit in at school (metaphorical school of course, lets not forget I am writing this as a jobless graduate with a BA 2.1 Hons.  SOMEONE HIRE ME).  Except, in small print, they've advised to get myself a measuring tape sharpish and if said measuring tape says I am under 5", then abandon said plans to wear a maxi and lock yourself up inside until the summer of the maxi is over.

I'm 5"1 and a half.  The half is very important don't you know.  I feel Vogue may be talking about me.  But if I listened to what a magazine told me to do, I'd be rocking the minimalist trend AND print, wearing maxi AND mini, wearing white AND flouro colours.

So fuck 'em, and fuck my bank account.  I'll do what I want.  This summer, in fact, tomorrow, I'm wearing a maxi, arriving to work with the street's rubbish and stinking of rainwater.  I won't wear heels with my maxi, I'm going to find the lowest shoes I own and rock them that way.  And when I can't afford to feed myself for the next week, I know I'll only have myself and my utter shite willpower to blame.



  1. screw em, wear the maxi skirt and wear it proud (preferably drenched it in rainwater, and rub some dirt in it too!) i love your writing... it's so refreshing. thank you for that!

  2. HAHAHAHAHAHA! This post made me smile and laugh so hard :) I loved it! I am definitely with you there. Sort of. I don't know if I thought about the trend staying long term. But I did buy two maxi skirts last year. Love them both. Worn neither. I just can't. There's a snow storm blowing outside!! I might love fashion, but when winter's biting cold and snow blows around, fashion gets buried away with all my pretty clothes. Instead I wear thick, ugly layers. Which make me look like I'm 14-16 years old. Because I'm 5' and half an inch (one inch shorter than you)! But last year the trend brought in blacks and neutral coloured skirts, whereas the s/s 11 season has brought in bright colours and I fully intend to buy me some more maxi skirts ;) Of course, I won't be wearing any until February (and then maybe May) <3

  3. I think you know how I feel about this particular subject... the more maxis in the world, the better.

    Your blog is so well written, it's really refreshing. And you're damn funny to boot! I will be back


  4. I say: YAY to maxi doesn't matter what season! I am still looking for the perfect one as most of them are either too short or too long and maybe it's time to try to DIY it :D

    U write well missy, and ur too damn funny with ur 'the half is very important', OH that is sooo right!

    Take care missy, till soon!


  5. Very nice combination!!!))) I love your blog!!!)))
    Super Stylish!!!))) Lovely Details..!!!

  6. Lovely pink skirt!
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  7. as a petite 5'2 1/2" myself I say rock every maxi skirt you want! Am so in love with the Jil Sander collection, there has to be a way we can make it work!! xx