Friday, 20 May 2011

Long Hot Summer

A few things need to noted about this editorial.  First: Shu Pei's legs.  That should be illegal in some way.  Second: Those shoes.  Minnetonkas but with hardware tassles?  What are your thoughts?



  1. First, I love these photos. They make me wish for those hot, humid days where you are soo hot you don't want to even dress yourself, but the lure of iced drinks and dessert with friends pushes you to put on some cute outfits that are weather friendly :P Yesterday was the first really nice day we've had since forever! Sun out all day, I had work, then I went to a concert. Got street meat.. a real summer day =D

    Second, I know how daunting it is to go through that wardrobe, and dig out clothes that are hiding in corners. I had the same problem. In fact, despite cleaning out a lot of it, I still do; just on a smaller scale. I felt the same way.. I used to live in the basement and I had the most lovely and spacious closet. It was a WHOLE WALL. Everything fit nicely. But then I had to move upstairs, and now, not only is there no space for my clothes, but there's no space for me either!! Haha, I've kept a number of things hoping that once I have more space, they'll get more use. But some things I really just had to force myself to remove from my wardrobe because they've just been sitting there for years never seeing the light of day!

    I found the whole experience to be very cathartic and I definitely recommend doing it, but it's a long and messy process. Might be more fun doing it with friends (a la Carrie in Sex in the City #1). You could even organize a trade off or something :) But to be honest, I still only use like 20% of my wardrobe hahaha

  2. One of my favorite editorials! Her legs are so long...the styling is so perfect and very summer! xoxoxoo

  3. Gorgeous editorial photos...
    Her legs goes forever
    lee x

  4. ohhhhhhhh those legs!
    love your blog x

  5. They are both so beautiful!! The photos are breath-taking...and yes, those legs.....sigh....


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  6. I love the jackets in this - so pretty! <- check out my giveaway!


  7. like it :)