Sunday, 9 January 2011

The Week Ahead


It's safe to say I've fully embraced the idea of summer.  Now I just need all this pesky English weather to subside and we're in for the win!


  1. Definitely feeling the variety of colours and I adore those rings! So cute :)

  2. i love those animal rings! the rabbit one is so cute

  3. HIiiii
    how about if you link me? hahaha yes i know im actually direct.. but we're beginning in this world and I know the importance of being linked.
    Well, I'm going to follow you on bloglovin.. I still dont' know how it really works but I'm on it.. hope I get it soon.

    Kisses :)

  4. Would you LOOK at those animal rings?? Stunning. And that 3rd photo is beautiful. Very inspiring editorial, as always actually! Great work.