Wednesday, 17 November 2010

Emma Watsons' Many Trenches

There are many reasons why I would love to be Emma Watson.  1) I love Harry Potter.  Have done since I was 9 years old and came across a book about magic called Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone.  It didn't take long for the obssession to take over my childhood and is still with me in my young adult life.  2) Financial stability.  Obviously. 3) Emma seems to have the best collection of coats I have ever seen.  Being best friends with Christopher Bailey obviously helps.  Colour me jealous.


My favourite has to be the studded one, I love how she's worn it with a grown up dress and heels in the last picture, adding a tough element to an otherwise classy outfit.

Which one is your favourite?


  1. My favourite has to be the black one in the second photo. But I quite like the trench with the leather sleeves as well. I wasn't like Emma's new look so much, but the more I see her with the short cut, the more it's growing one me :)

  2. Fully agree with the studded one! I love her new hair, gives her a little more sophistication + edge. She has got such a youthful face I am glad she went all the way, it's a nice change.


  3. I love the last one, i feel a DIY coming on!

  4. ADOOOOORE EMMA and everything she wearssss...she has a great taste!
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  5. I actually adore her! She looks so gorgeous no matter what. I love the first trench.. the leather is so unexpected and amazing!

    Xo Chelle

  6. i love Emma Watson!! I'm a fellow Potter fanatic...just saw the new movie!!! as for the coats, hmm...they are all gorgeous, but i really like the first one and the mix of leather and wool (or whatever the bodice is made of) she looks great no matter what though! love the blog by the way, im a new follower :)

  7. She is soo gorgeous, especially with her new cut. I'm in love with her classy style!

  8. oooh i like the last one. Vey twiggy esque.

    Love your background btw.

    Helen, x