Saturday, 28 August 2010

Florence Welch

Any Americans reading the blog (or any non-British people for that matter), check out Florence and the Machine.  Her music is absolutely amazing, folksy with lots of instruments and very atmospheric.  The outfits she wears to perform are also beautiful, often big floaty dresses to go with her very whimsical musical style.  i particularly loved what she wore this year to the V festival, it shows that you don't need to wear band t-shirts and wellies/boots to watch a band play.  She's an utter breath of fresh air to both British streetstyle and music.

(look magazine)


  1. I love her style...I'll check her out on you tube, thanks for the tip!

  2. ahh i love her! her style kicks ass

    ...look closer

  3. I love her voice, and that first outfit. mustard and leopard are a great pair