Thursday, 9 September 2010

Leighton Meester

I have a slight confession.  I love Gossip Girl.  Be warned, when Gossip Girl comes back on next week I will be in a Chuck/Blair love fest.  If it weren't for those two I wouldn't even watch the show.  But I'll try to keep my adoration off the blog.

While I adore Chuck and Blair, I LOVE Leighton Meester.  She's definitely the best thing on that show, the most talented with the best lines and fashion, and she's also gorgeous.  I'm absolutely loving two of the outfits she rocked this week, a Versus dress (which is my fantasy dress) and Proenza Schouler trousers.  I do wish she had teamed the PS trousers with a lighter material top instead of the knit, but hey ho, she's looks gorgeous anyway.



  1. she looks SO good.

    maxwell conrad

  2. I love Gossip Girl, too!

    Just came across your blog! :)