Tuesday, 7 September 2010

Lanvin for H&M

The new collaboration between H&M and their chosen designer was revealed last week. After a swirl of rumours, it was no surprise for most of us that Lanvin was announced as the new addition to the H&M family. 

A few details were given about the collection: “It’s very Lanvin. It’s very much our world, our aesthetic,” said Alber Elbaz. “It’s all the pieces we’ve done yesterday and not pieces we will do tomorrow.”

Now while I'm not a huge fan of Lanvin, I don't dislike them either.  As I went through the latest collection of Lanvin while writing this post there are a few looks I like and quite a few that I can see being made with H&M quality and cost standards.  Now obviously the collection for H&M will not be a complete copy of Lanvin's runway items, but I wouldn't mind having this full length dress in my closet for only a handful of tenners.

I suppose one of the best high street and designer collections I've seen is Uniqlo and Jill Sander, purely because their aesthetics are very similar.  H&M, with their many lines and collections are often schizophrenic, with work clothes, teenage clothes and casual all in the same store.  And yes, this is how the brand makes money but perhaps one of the reasons the H&M collaborations of the past haven't excited me tremendously is because it all seems a bit half-hearted, not entirely a H&M garment nor one true to the designer either.

Hopefully Elbaz will be true to his word and "recreate" past looks from his most famous collections, so a true piece of Lanvin can be bought at high-street prices. 


Now with Kate Moss designing her final collection at Topshop (it seems unfair to lump Kate Moss in with a post about designer and high street collaborations but I wouldn't like to refer her in connection with other celebrity collections), I'm excited to see what new partnerships are in the offing on the highstreet. 

Personally, I tend not to buy high street and designer collaborations purely because everyone seems to own them.  I remember when the Kate Moss collection first came out - you couldn't go anywhere without seeing one of her pieces on someone.  While I love the idea of being able to wear something from a designer and highstreet partnership, I'm not really interested in being a carbon copy.  But it's the negatives of the highstreet I suppose.

What do you think - is anyone excited about Lanvin?  Depressed about Moss?  Got your eye on something else?


  1. You know, im really excited about Lanvin for h&m, cos Lanvin is one of my favorite brand, but when they release, I ll be back to Australia…

  2. I actually have really liked the Kate Moss/Topshop collections. I hear what you are saying about collaborations but some are really good.
    I love H&M, some collaborations haven't been great, but really excited about Lanvin for H&M!

  3. i love this collab... this, comme des garcons, and viktor & rolf.