Sunday, 13 March 2011

Would You Rather?

Fashion's heavy hitters, Celine and Louis Vuitton sent out opposing aesthetics last week.  On one end of the fashion scale in line with Jil Sander, was minimalism at it's strongest; soft silhouettes with cocoon shaped coats, high-necked button shirts and turtlenecks, straight leg trousers.  Lurking on the other end was a girl who exited an elevator looking as if she had just seduced her boss. Chaffeur hats were teamed with thigh-high black stockings and garters; an obvious fetish sexual image that left nothing to the imagination.

Fashion moves quickly, often too quickly as at the moment I'm trying to incorporate a summer wardrobe whilst battling with winter weather and perusing next year's winter collection.  Phew.  And in that bullet speed last season's minimalism has already been answered by glamour from the major fashion houses whilst Mugler, Vuitton and Givenchy paraded kinky outfits down the runway.

Minimalism isn't just about neutral colours and uncomplicated outfits.  Jil Sander and Celine have proven this season that with luxurious fabrics, interesting shapes and even the odd floral minimalism isn't the snooze-fest compared to the ultra energetic glamour look.  The question is, which one do you prefer?  Minimalism or kink? 


  1. while kink is always exciting i really like what jil sander has done for minimalism. i think minimalism wins this time around

  2. those buttons are divine. stunning coat.