Sunday, 13 March 2011

The Week Ahead

Sourcing my pictures for my weekly "inspiration" post can sometimes be incredibly easy, I'll have dozens of images saved over the week and I'll find it hard to edit it down to a post worthy size.  Other times I really have to push myself to find images which can lead to a post of so-called "inspiring" pictures that aren't really inspiring at all.

It was such a week, where there were virtually no images I wanted to post (and as a rule I try not to post images that have already circulated the blogosphere).  But then I noticed that Tim Walker was at it again - there are months when you won't see a single image by Tim Walker and then for one month his work will be featured in every magazine.

Both Vogue Italia and Vogue UK feature editorials in this months issue.  And they are classic Walker. 

Walker inspires me - as I'm sure he does you, because his editorials are so much more than the clothes.  One of the first things you notice about a Walker photo is the setting, whether the model is precariously perched on the top rung of a ladder, crouched against a decayed wall, lying spreadeagled in a meadow.  The second is that it'll probably make you laugh, or maybe elicit a wry smirk.  His work is whimsical, ironic yet is heavily steeped in the fantastical and romantic, like a permanent Wonderland.  Like Alice, when looking at his images you notice absurd qualities, a blur, a larger-than-life prop, surreal models with imaginative styling. 

So this week, I bring you a post filled with Walker, from as early as 1996 to present.  I hope it inspires you as much as his work inspires me.


What's the verdict?  Genius or overrated?  I'd love to hear (read!) you're thoughts.


  1. Tim Walker makes such dreamy pictures!
    They're like a fairytale...the one with the girl on the staircase is so beautiful!


  2. Beautiful selection of photos!
    I especially love the one with a girl in yellow... great blog!
    Marusya V
    p.s. fancy following each other? :)

  3. GENIUS!! OMG, he really is amazing. Fashion becomes art in his work. Truly stunning, and definitely inspirational!

    Laura @

  4. i absolutely love it
    so much fantasy

  5. These photos are amazing! Like we're diving into an enormous fantasy novel! Beautiful.

    chloe **

  6. lovely post! i really love the photo with the blue dress draping over the staircase.

  7. Love the pink tones in the last one.

  8. Absolutely genius. There is something otherworldly about his works that mere mortals can only gaze at with awe. the setting, what he captures, positioning its really all perfect

  9. Has always been my favourite photographer (not that I know many!), always grandiose. I hate boring editorials, I never get it. The striped column dress photos I love! Never seen them before either.