Monday, 7 March 2011

Dare to Dream

When news broke of Kate and William's wedding, I, like every other blogger on the planet, compiled a list of what dress she should wear for the big day.  My list included Elie Saab and Marchesa  as safe choices, because, lets face it, Kate Middleton is no style icon no matter how hard the press may push it.  I also included Erdem, as it was likely that she would choose a British desinger. 

Also in my list, I included a dress from the Spring Summer collection of Alexander McQueen, Sarah Burton's debut.  Underneath, I wrote: "unlikely but I can dream right?"


Front page of the Sunday Times this morning was the story that Sarah Burton is designing Kate's wedding dress.  The Sunday Times is no The Sun, or Daily Mail, the newspaper actually researches their articles so I'm not taking this as rumour.  I'm taking this as fact.

Our future Queen will get married in McQueen.

Sarah Burton actually designed Camilla Parker-Bowles daughter-in-laws' dress in 2005, so why Burton's name was not mentioned more is completely beyond me.  It's pretty much a "doh" moment isn't it?  Word from McQueen camp is staunch denial but they cannot comment until the Palace does and the big dress will not be revealed until the big day.

McQueen's show is on Tuesday so expect more denials and "no comments" from Burton and her team. 

As for the dress, it's very unlikely it'll be quite so avant-garde as McQueen.  Obviously it will be white, probably quite traditional so as not to cause a big fuss but I imagine it'll have lovely details, maybe embroidery, an interesting cut perhaps? We will have to speculate for now until the end of April.  This wedding suddenly got more interesting.


  1. sv: thanks! you made my day! ;)

  2. no wayyyyy! that's awesome good for kate. i can't wait to see it :) xx

  3. Alexander McQueen all the way!

  4. love mcqueeen! all the way

  5. I was really excited to hear about her choice! I know Sarah Burton will wow everyone with her wedding dress! xoxoxoxo

  6. Wow, I'm sure it will be an amazing dress. Can not wait!

    Chic on the Cheap

  7. I really hope it is Sarah Burton because safe dressses really bore me but then again your right about the extent of Kate's avantgarde fashion ventures-none.