Friday, 8 October 2010

Leather It

I'm really into leather right now.  And no, it's not the dominatrix facet of my personality coming into the forefront, thank you very much.  I love it at the moment because of it's effortlessness, teaming it with egg white shirts, faux fur, blue jeans or a cable knit jumper and it's less Angelina in Mr and Mrs Smith and casual, a look for everyday.

I've always been one to be attached to her leather jacket, I have three and my newest acquisition, a slouchly one is being held hostage by a friend after I left it there after her birthday party.  But recently, I've been partial to the leather dress, leather skirts of all colours and leather trousers.  One of the best trends of this year is making leather less of punk wear and more mainstream.  I adore this editorial - the mix of black leather, white separates, faux fur and gold accessories is a winner.  Perfect for winter. 


On a totally unrelated note, thanks for the suggestions about Los Angeles, I will be sure to take you up on those.  If anyone else wants to chip in and point me to something I should see, visit, or shop in, drop me a comment.


  1. love those photos!

  2. Love this editorial! I have an italian leather moto jacket and it's so perfect with girly blouses. I love the contrast of soft and hard!

    Xo Chelle

  3. I am completely obsessed with leather too. These leather pieces are gorgeous.

  4. I very like this leather elements.)))