Tuesday, 12 October 2010

Keep Calm

Normally I wouldn't post about this things, but I found this hilarious and couldn't wait to share.  I'm sure you've all seen the Keep Calm and Carry On posters, mugs, postcards and so on, a reinvention of the classic British WW2 posters that were supposed to instil confidence and hope during those terrible times.  I do find it ironic that the phrase, although marketed with products a few years ago, has suddenly latched onto mainstream popculture with a host of new products being released in an economically unstable world.

In a fantastic twist, I came across something as I was casually shopping over the weekend.  A man wearing a t-shirt, bearing a fantastic response.

Honestly, this did make me chuckle quite a bit, and by myself which is quite the sad thing.  I hope it makes you laugh too.

On a side note, to all those British readers out there who keep an eye on the news, I imagine this is what a generation of young students-to-be will be doing when the report of tuition fees is released in the morning.  Now panic and freak out, indeed.


  1. LOL...haven't seen that one here in America, but it's too funny. Oh BTW, yeah our students are dealing w/the whole ridiculous tuition fees here too.

    You have to be below poverty level to help your kids even qualify for financial aid...what a joke!

  2. That's funny!!!
    I've always loved that kind of posters, specially one that says "Keep calm and put the kettle on"



  3. Haha.. awesome.


  4. haha this did make me laugh considering i don't think i did too well on my calculus exam. thanks for cheering me up haha