Sunday, 27 February 2011

The Week Ahead


Tonight is the Oscars.  I was going to watch it after coming home from work (I work two jobs - one as a waitress and the other interning), but I realised the coverage started at 11:30pm.  Considering that I'm interning tomorrow, may have to give this one a miss.  I just hope Natalie wears something amazing, Colin wins and Banksy turns up (that last one is a bit unlikely).  I imagine there's going to be an awkward dance number between Anne and James, Helena will have toned down the crazy and hence become incredibly boring and there'll be a surprise in the best supporting category - my money is on Melissa Leo missing out and maybe Helena getting it? 

Expect a review of all the lovely dresses and tuxes tomorrow and my opinions on the results.  After all, everybody is film critic.

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  1. ~luvs the rocking chair photo
    (her face is sublime)